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Sunday, November 18, 2018

How To Lose Weight

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             How To Lose Weight

Do you want to lose your weight? If "yes" then you are lucky to be here, having a very nice weight and maintaining it, is a key to good health. 

According to Victoria Taylor, a senior dietitian at British Heart Foundation " she elucidate how to lose weight in a rightful way.
Do you know that your weight can actually make a difference to your risk of having coronary heart disease!  Being extremely overweight, is a risk' and it is linked to other health challenges like High blood pressure (HBP) and type 2 diabetes. Which may increase your risk of coronary heart disease. 

For you to know the right time to lose your weight, all you have to do is to calculate your BMI. This  may be a good step, that will help you determine whether your current weight is appropriate with your height. Also check your waist circumference, as your body shape" it is relevant. It is obvious, everyone wants to have a very nice shape, more especially those that are extremely overweight. They want to lose weight and look very nice. To achieve this, when choosing a diet" you have to look out for some common diet myths and fads to help spot the types of crash diets that are best abstain.

            How To lose your weight?

This is exactly the question we asked Victoria Taylor, senior dietitian at the British Heart Foundation. About her top tips for losing weight in a healthy direction.
Victoria Taylor, stated that for you to lose weight' it involves a change to your eating habits. It doesn't mean missing out on nutritional food, you have to aim for regular meals and a balanced diet" also take care with your portion sizes. You may be eating a healthy balance diet, but too much of it may result to boosting your weight more.
Changing your eating habits aren't the only step involved in losing weight, the most active steps you can take, implies changes to diet and exceed physical activity. Also address your behaviours around food, this will help you understand your eating habit and response to food at different time.

Food that involves removing or severely limiting, specific diets that are nutritionally relevant are not going to be a long time remedy to lose weight. The more higher protein, low carbohydrate foods limit fruit, vegetables and fiber" especially in the early stages, while faddy diets is based on one food. Involving in a lot of one type of food and few others, some drastically limit calorie intake so that you can get the result very fast.
However, a very low calorie intake can leave you weary and hunger" so give up, regaining the weight as rapidly as it came off.
The national guidelines suggested that, to maintain weight lose, you have to reduce calorie intake of about 600 per day" it is needed. This may lead to a weekly weight lose of 0.5kg, while it may not sound a big deal next to the promises of many rapid fix diets" this will allow you to incorporate healthy eating habits into your lifestyle constantly, so you are more likely to keep it off.

    How To Identity safe and healthy diets

To identity safe and healthy diets, then" there are things you have to consider when starting a diet, you have to make sure that you have all the facts first, and always remember to consult your GP before changing your diet.         Victoria Taylor, first top tips on how to lose weight, points at eating a balanced diet. Which is a good place to start" if you want to improve your nutrition in general, make sure you are getting key nutrients and perfect portion sizes. 

How exercise can help you lose weight?

Exercise is very important for overall health, it makes you to stay fit and active. It can also help you to lose excess weight in collaboration with a balanced diet. It helps in burning fat and calories through different activities.

Monday, October 22, 2018

How To Get A Flowless Skin

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How To Get A Flowless Skin

Everyone wants to get a flowless skin, more especially Laddies' they want it flowless, and it is seen as  a sign of good health. that is why we find it so attractive for both men and women, a lot of people spend  huge amount of money' just to get a flowless skin. But don't worry because I will tutor you on how to get a flowless skin, without makeup or lots of pricey products.

First of all, I want you to understand the basics of how to get a flowless skin.the basics are :-
• Eating a healthy food.
• Drinking enough water.
• Protecting your body from the sun.
Now the good news is that I have an awesome natural remedies you will incorporate with your diet to help get a flowless skin easily.

 How To Get A Flowless Skin With Natural remedies

    The Miracle Mineral Sulfur
It is known for its unique yellow color and awesome fragrance, it is very important for the health of most structures in the body. Miracle mineral sulfur is a major components of the body' most indispensable antioxidant glutathione.
It also play a vital role in metabolism and helps to detox the body by chasing down and terminating toxins through the liver and preventing cellular damage.
Not only that, it also regulate the formation of the joint cartilage and the keratin in the skin and hair.
Miracle mineral sulfur has antibacterial and antifungal qualities.
Sulfur has been used in medicine for decades, and when it comes to getting a flowless skin " it is currently used in treatment of lots of skin diseases. E.g dandruff, acne, rosacea, scabies, dermatitis, psoriasis and warts.
How sulfur helps in getting a flowless skin

• Sulfur helps in removing too much oil and improving the texture and tone of skin.
•  It allows the skin to breathe by opening pores.
•  It also exfoliate dead skin cells, bacterial and fungal cells.
•  Last but not the list, sulfur  helps in drying out acne sores without disturbing the moisture level surrounding skin.
                  sulfur rich food

 Greens like kale and collards.
•  Diary products from grass' fed cattle.
•  Meat, fish and egg.
• Cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower. sprouts, radishes,  red and green cabbage, Brussels,and broccoli.
•  The alliums family of plant: ginger, leeks, onion, chives, shallots and garlic.

     The Skin Loves Vitamin C
When you talk about getting a growing and flawless skin, you have to bear in mind that Vitamin C is one of the main ingredients for skin care products.
A lot of studies have shown that when apply vitamin C in a topical manner, it boost collagen production.
Deficiency in vitamin C may cause destruction of collagen, which can lead to sagging and wrinkling of the skin, as we age" in younger people. Lack of collagen in the body may cause tiredness, uneven skin tone and dull.
Studies have also shown that when apply vitamin C in a topical manner, it protects against oxidation stress. Vitamin C is an essential component in the synthesis of collagen " which is very important in maintaining the elasticity of the skin.
When it comes to uneven or blotchy skin, vitamin C hinders the process of melanogenesis" which means when the skin becomes discoloured due to excessive melanin production.
It is also anti-inflammatory, that helps to stop substances on the skin from triggering off acne and eczema.

Vitamin C provides protection from the sun and damage caused to the skin by UV rays. It helps in repair and rejuvenation of the skin.This reasons makes vitamin C a unique choice, when it comes to getting a flowless skin.
Most plants and animals synthesize vitamin C in their cells, while humans doesn't have. So we need to constantly renew our store.
                 Vitamin C rich food
•   Fruits like kiwi fruit, pineapple, mango, honeydew mellon, papaya and guava.
•   Green leafy vegetables, more especially kale.
•   Broccoli, red cabbage, peas, Brussels sprouts, green cabbage and cauliflower.   
•   Chil and Cayenne peppers, yellow and red bell perppers.
•    Citrus fruits" grapefruit, orange, Clegmentines and lemon.

      Vitamin E's Fabulous Effects

Vitamin E  play a vital role in building a growing and flowless skin, it is a potent antioxidant " which makes it one of the most recommended skin care vitamin. Vitamin E helps to battle oxidative stress, which helps the cell to regenerate and recuperate. It helps to delay aging, removing blemishes, black sports and it makes the skin to grow and shine with natural health.
It also stimulate the growth and maintenance of collagen and other connective tissues in the body system, by scavenging free radicals.

           Why It Is Very Important

To get a flowless skin, you need vitamin E " because it helps to free radical alter,the synthesis of the collagen' making the skin lose its sheen and elasticity, paving way for sagging, wrinkles and blemishes.
                     Vitamin E rich food


However, animal source generally are not the best source of vitamin E, but there are some in liver, ghee, egg, buyer and yolk.

•  Fruits- avocados, papaya and kiwi.
•  Seed-  pumpkin seed, sesam, falx seeds, sunflower seeds, and chia seeds.
•  Herbs-  basil, parsley and coriander.
•  Nuts- pecans, walnut, hazelnuts, almonds ,peanuts and pine nuts.
•  Vegetable oils- olive oil and palm oil.

  How You Can Get A Flowless Skin
To get a flowless skin, you have to start eating a well nourished and hydrated food" which is the key to having a flowless skin. A varied balance diet that contains vitamin C,E and sulfur, is a great way to get a growing and flowless skin.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Gonorrhea Symptoms And Treatment

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Gonorrhea Symptoms  And Treatment

Everything you need to know about gonorrhea, the causes of gonorrhea, symptoms and how to treat it.First of all I will start by explaining what gonorrhea is.

          What Is Gonorrhea ?
Gonorrhea is defined as a sexual transmitted disease that is caused by a bacteria called Neisseria Gonorrhoeae, this bacteria can be contracted from one person to another, through unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected person [anal and vaginal oral sex], which may lead to infection of the urethra, [the urine tube]. And this bacteria may also affect the cervix if you did not treat it on time. Gonorrhea infection can exceed to higher portions of reproductive organ" causing  inflammation of the prostate and inflammation of the epididymis disease in men, apelvic in women. Gonorrhea can also cause "Gonococcal Proctitis" which means, inflammation of the anus and rectum. It may also infect the throat, resultig to Gonococcal pharyngitis, which means inflammation of the pharynx that causes soreness.

To a lower extent, gonorrhea can spread to other parts of the body through bloodstream. Resulting to arthritis, fever and a characteristic rash, in pregnant women with untreated gonorrhea. This bacteria called "Neisseria gonorrhoeae" may spread to the eyes of their babies during delivery, thereby causing "Gonococcal Ophthalmia" which means a several eye infection in newborn babies.

A lot of people who are infected with this bacteria, will have no symptoms. More especially the women' they are more likely to have no symptoms at all than men. When the bacteria causes symptoms,they usually develope within ten days (10) after unprotected sex with an infected person, men may develop a discharge from the urethra, " the opening at the end of penis where the urine comes out" looking red around the urethra, urinating frequently, pains and discomfort when urinating. While in women, they may develop pain or discomfort when urinating, a virginal discharge, discomfort in the anal and frequent urination. The disease will spread to the uterus and fallopian tubes causing fever, abnormal menstrual, bleeding and pains during sexual intercourse.

In cases of gonococcal pharyngitis, the infected person may have a sore throat or may not have any symptoms. Because many people with gonococcal pharyngitis do not have any symptoms, but when they occur " they commonly include: persistent urge to move the bowels or mucus pus, itching or rectal pain and rectal discharge that contains blood. When gonorrhea spread through the bloodstream' it can cause swelling in the several joints, a characteristic rash, pain and fever. And newborn babies infected with this bacteria "gonococcal ophthalmia" the symptoms appears one to four days after delivery, and it affects one or both eyes as shown in the picture. And the symptoms includes: swelling of the eyelids, eyes discharge that is thick which contains pus, and redness of eyes. If you did not teat it, it may cause blindness.


Gonorrhea as a sexual transmitted diseases can be prevented through:

1. Having sex with uninfected person.

2. Always using comdom "male or female comdom" during sex.

3. Avoiding sexual intercourse.

Gonorrhea is a horrible disease, so to prevent gonococcal ophthalmia in new born babies, all pregnant women are advised to conduct gonorrhea test during their first prenatal.women at risk of infection during pregnancy are also advised to repeat the test  during third trimester. Newborn babies can be treated at birth with eye ointment or anti-inffective eye drops.


Doctors can suspect gonorrhea based on signs and symptoms, your sexual history and the results of physical and gynecological examinations. They can also confirm diagnosis of gonococcal infection by swabbing the affected area. "Throat, cervix,urethra and rectum" then they will send the sample to a laboratory to check if bacteria grow. It can also be teasted for gonorrhea infection. 
Gonorrhea rapidly improve with antibiotics therapy, when an infected women is not treated. This bacteria can spread to the fallopian tubes, causing miscarriages and infertility. In those suspected  of having the bacteria that has spread beyond the genital tract and other fluids, e.g joint fluid or blood .


Gonorrhea infections are diagnosed  and treated correctly and rapidly,recovery is usually complete unless pelvic inflammation disease develops. Pelvic inflammation disease is more likely to develop when there is delay in treatment, causing abdominal pain, infertility, scarred fallopian tube, and chronic.
Professional health practitioners, recommended that all patients treated gonorrhea should be treated chlamydia infection too. Because 35-50 percent of female and 15-25 percent of male with gonorrhea infection also have chlamydia infections.

     When Do I Contact My Doctor?

Contact your doctor if you have the symptoms of gonorrhea or whenever you notice those symptoms listed. Do not hesitate to contact your doctor if you have participated in sexual activies with someone who contracted gonorrhea, more especially pregnant women.
There should be a schedule of routine physical examination to all women sexually actve, including a pelvic examination every year even if they have no symptoms of gonorrhea infections or any other sexual transmitted diseases.

  How To Treat Gonorrhea

Bacteria that causes gonorrhea have become resistant to so many antibiotics that I ete very effective in the past, so the newest guidelines from United State Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, came up with the best treatment of gonorrhea infection with a single intramuscular injection of  Ceftriaxone [ Rocephin]. And patients with chlamydia infection should be treated with an oral dose of azithromycin. Both partners infected with gonorrhea infection should treat themselves, to get a perfect result.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff Permanently

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How To Get Rid Of Dandruff Permanently

Are you battling with hair dandruff ? I know you must have try different Anti-dandruff products,or they told you that their is no remedy for hair dandruff. But believe me, it is a very big lie" worry no more, because I will teach you how to get rid of dandruff permanently. But before I start, you have to understand what causes dandruff.

               Causes Of Dandruff

Dandruff is caused by head shedding, which is as a result of a chronic skin condition caused by the buildup of yeast around the base of your hair follicles, according to Dr. Nicole Roger, a professor of dermatology at Tulane University of Medicine.

   Which Yeast Are You Talking About?

Don't be in a hurry, calm down" the yeast I'm talking about is the yeast fungus called "Malassezia Globosa" that feeds off the skins sebum and excretes end products onto the scalp. Which can annoy the scalp skin resulting to dandruff. And the symptoms include; flaking, itch and dryness. According to Dr.Roland J.Wilkerson, Ph.D a principal scientist for procter and Gamble. [Malassezia Globosa fungus, is one of the gross things hanging out on your head]. But don't panic, because I will teach you how to get rid of dandruff permanently

Are there environmental factors that could be causing my dandruff? Like  hot or cold temperature

The answer is "No" whether does not cause dandruff, according to Dr. Wilkerson. However environmental change may aggravate a dandruff skin condition in those suffering from dandruff. So if you are suffering from dandruff, and you go from warm climate to cold climate, the dandruff is likely to get worst. Whether is not responsible for that.

    So How Do I Get Rid Of Dandruff Permanently?

You can get rid of dandruff permanently, with just few steps;
Get Palmolive natural anti- dandruff shampoo, it is one of the best shampoo  you can use to get rid of dandruff permanently. 
All you need to do is to wash your hair with Palmolive shampoo, like two times in a week before making new hair, to help get rid of dandruff permanently. But make sure you wash and rinse hair thoroughly, any left over in your head may creat  feeding ground for yeast. Try it out today, and see how fast it works.

Washing my hair with Palmolive natural shampoo, I'm assured of getting rid of dandruff permanently?

Washing your hair regularly with Palmolive natural anti-dandruff shampoo help to lower the rate at which your skin cell die and slough off. when used daily and left for about five minutes before washing it off, always remember to rinse your hair thoroughly to aviod creating a feeding ground for yeast.Your dandruff shampoo is not just made for your hair. The real work its doing is on your scalp, so you need to get the shampoo directly on the scalp and clean the skin there. “Finger contact with scalp is important,” says Dr. Lefkowicz, who suggests a gentle massage.
It doesn’t take long, either. “As long as it makes contact with your scalp, the technology will sink in,” she says.
Also, only use lukewarm water. Heat can irritate the scalp and encourages inflammation. “When you use very hot water, you are affecting the skin moisture barrier,according to Lefkowicz. Whenever I meet with patients who have aggressive dandruff, my first question is" what's going on? Is there any stressful event that triggers off this reaction? But the truth is that anytime your immune system is altered, it may provoke dandruff flare up. So don't blame yourself for having dandruff.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Drugs for treatment of toilet infection

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Drugs For Treatment Of Toilet Infection

Are you suffering from toilet infection or any of your loved ones? Have you been looking for best drugs for treatment of toilet infection? If "YES" believe me you are in the right site. I will disclose all the necessary information you need to know about toilet infection and  drugs  for treatment of toilet infection.
Toilet infection is a very horrible disease, which is contracted through the use of unhygienic public toilet. It is also contracted as a result of careless behavior, which is common to women. Not washing your hands after visiting the toilet, and other unhygienic behavior which can make you to contract infection.But among all, toilet infection can early be contract through unprotected sex with an infected person.

Kinds Of Infections That Leads To Toilet Disease

• Trichomoniasis is an infection which occurs due to a parasite called Trichomonas vaginalis. It is characterized by symptoms such as pain, problematic urination and intense itching.
  • Yeast infection is caused by a type of fungus called candida albicans and can result in serious issues in those who have a weakened immunity, such as pregnant women, people with HIV and people who have diabetes.

  • Bacterial vaginosis is caused by an overgrowth in the number of normal bacteria usually found in a woman’s lower parts. This overgrowth could be caused by unsafe contacts with certain other organisms, personal hygiene products or contraceptive measures.Natural treatment of toilet infection

Here is a short list of methods of natural treatment:
Douching with vinegar

Eating garlic

Chamomile treatment

Milk and garlic


Prevention and treatment for toilet infection

  • Stop using soaps – the vagina should be washed with clean water only, avoid using specialized soaps and antiseptics which could destroy your good microflora and damage the vulval environment.
  • Change your underwear as often as you can – you should do it at least twice a day, especially if you live in hot area or sweat a lot. The perfect way to do this would be by changing your underwear every time you return home from work.
  • Bend when you urinate – it may seem difficult, however, this will keep you from getting urine splashed on your legs. Washing your legs with plain water is also a good hygienic measure.
  • Sharing underwear with other people is forbidden – even if they are close family and friends, everyone should have their own underwear, as it is a very simple rule of personal hygiene.
  • Use underwear made of cotton – it absorbs moisture in the best way, definitely better than nylon. This prevents irritation of the vagina.
  • Try to have a gentle and careful contacts in bed – do not let your partner harm you in the process because the natural vulval barrier can become damaged.
  • Visit the doctor – lastly, the most important point is to see your doctor as soon as you notice anything suspicious. The medical specialist will always examine you and give you the best advice about your current health condition.

  • Toilet infection affects a lot of women, It often occurs after the use of public toilet seats, some of which habours unhygienic infectious bacteria. Sometimes, it can occur as a result of a lack of good hygiene, mostly when people don't wash their hands. This condition is characterized by itching and other uncomfortable symptoms.

Most  women have some natural methods of treating toilet infections. Even though they have not been scientifically proven to be effective, these natural methods are widely used by those ladies who have been struggling with the infectious disease.
After menstruation or sexual intercourse, a lot of women carry out douching for microflora purification using a solution made by adding 1 spoon of vinegar to 1 liter of water. However, doctors do not recommend this method of treatment. The reason is that douching can significantly change the natural environment of the female genitals and wash out the healthy bacteria along with the damaging ones. This will only make the situation worse, so you are not recommended to do it without your doctor's guidance.

This method is widely considered to help with killing infectious bacteria and restoring the microflora. Some women even make special tampons by wrapping chopped garlic in gauze and putting it instead a tampon. However, it should not be kept in the body for longer than two hours. Apart from eating garlic, you can also consume some other useful products like goat milk.
Another natural method of reducing vaginal pain and itching caused by toilet infection is to take 2 tablespoons of chamomile and pour it into 0.5 liters of boiling water, and allowing the mixture boil for 5 minutes. Make this decoction and douche with it every day during the week.
To make this treatment, you should boil 0.5 liters of milk and add some garlic cloves. After the mixture cools, use it as a douche to get rid of the itching and pain, as well as treat the infection. It is best to do the douching before bed. After finishing the process, you should rinse the vagina with mixture of soda and water (1 teaspoon per liter of water).
Another natural way of beating toilet infection is eating yogurt which contains healthy bacteria like lactobacillus acidophilus. Yogurt is considered good for influence the growth of useful bacteria in the body. Nonetheless, studies have shown that using this method to treat yeast infection could lead to controversial outcomes. The benefits of yogurt consumption are not confirmed by scientists.
It has been proven that people do not get infected by simply sitting on the toilet seat alone, however the main source of the diseases are always dirty hands, which means you should avoid touching the food you consume, your eyes and your private parts with unwashed hands if you do not want to catch toilet or other infections. Even small children know the rule of washing their hands after using the bathroom every time, so if you cannot do so, be sure to use antiseptic wet wipes.
Here are some tips for  women which could help them in preventing any kind of vaginal infections.
Toilet infection treatment can be a long process and you should listen to the expert’s instructions when it comes to remedies. If your doctor has prescribed some special kind of treatment for toilet infection, always follow his/her recommendations and take all of your doses at the right time for a quick and painless recovery. Toilet infections are usually treated with the help of various tablets or creams. Do not attempt self-treatment – always ask your medical provider for assistance and help.
If you struggle with a toilet infection, you should go and see a medical advisor before complications develop. Some of them can be as serious as infertility and early birth for pregnant women. Natural treatment for toilet infection is effective in most ways and you need to consult someone who has experience in this field to find out which type of treatment will work for you. However, the best treatment of such infections is always prevention, so remember the simple rules which will help you in the long run. Toilet infection is not a pleasant thing, being careful is the best way to prevent it.

How To Treat HIV/AIDS

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How To Treat HIV/AIDS

Are you suffering from HIV or any of your loved one's? Do you really want to know the best medicine for the treatment of HIV!, if "yes" then this is the best article for you to read.
Today, I will tutor you on how to treat HIV. But before that I want you to know the meaning of antiretroviral therapy,       Antiretroviral therapy is the use of  HIV medicine in treatment of HIV infections. People on antiretroviral take a cumbasome of HIV medicines everday,which is called "HIV REGIMEN". Antiretroviral is recommended for everyone who is suffering from HIV infection, it does not cure the infection rather HIV medicine helps people who are suffering from HIV to live longer and healthier lives. Antiretroviral helps to reduce the rate of HIV transmission to uninfected people.

    How Does HIV Medicines Work?

I know by now you must be anxious to know how to treat HIV/AIDS. Having know what antiretroviral therapy means, I will explain how HIV medicines work.
HIV attacks and destroys the infection- fighting CD4 cells of the immune system. The loss of  CD4 cells makes it very hard for the body to fight infections and certain HIV related cancers. HIV medicines helps to prevent HIV from multiplying [this means making more copies of itself], which reduces the amount of HIV in the body. Having lesser of HIV in the body helps the immune system to recover. Though there is HIV in the body, but the immune system is strong enough to fight the infections and HIV related cancers. Reducing the amount of HIV in the body, helps the immune system to fight the infections and also reduce the rate of transmission.

When Is The Right Time To Start Taking HIV Medicines?

HIV carriers should start antiretroviral therapy as soon as possible, most especially people with the following conditions; pregnancy,coinfections, AIDS,recent HIV infection and HIV related illness.

What HIV Medicines Are Included In HIV Regimen?

There are many HIV medicines available for HIV regimens, HIV medicines are grouped into seven drug classes, according to how they fight HIV. A person's initial HIV regimen usually includes three HIV medicine from at list two different HIV drug classes. The selection of HIV regimen depends on several factors, including possible side effects of HIV medicines and potential drug interactions between medicines. Because of the need of people vary, their are different regimens to choose from any.

Is There Any Risk In Taking HIV Medicines?

The potential risk of antiretroviral therapy include side effects from HIV medicines and drug interactions between HIV medicines or between other medicines a person took. Poor adherence, not taking HIV medicines every day and exactly as prescribed increases the risk of drug resistance and treatment failure.
   Side effects: the side effects from HIV medicines can vary, depending on the medicine and the person that is taking the medicine. People taking the same HIV medicine can have different side effect, side effect like  occasional dizziness, or headache  may not be serious. Other side effects, such as swelling of the throat and tongue or liver damage.
    Drug interactions: HIV medicines can interact with other HIV medicines in HIV regimen. They can also interact with other medicines like, nutritional supplements, vitamins, and herbal products. Drug interaction can reduce or increase a medicines effect on the body, it can also cause unwanted side effects.
   Drug residence: Whenever HIV multiples in the body, the virus sometimes changes form. And makes variation of itself, variation of HIV develop. Poor adherence to HIV regimen increases the risk of drug resistance and treatment failure .

How to treat HIV/AIDS was written by floralove.

Monday, October 15, 2018

How To Remove Stretch Marks

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How To Remove Stretch Marks.

About 80% of women out there have stretch marks, according to the research conducted at University of Michigan Health System. But while they are very common  and there is  absolutely nothing wrong with having  stretch marks, many women can still feel self-conscious about these little lines.
According to  Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr Arash Akhavan stated that the most typical areas for stretch marks to occur are the abdomen. (from weight gain or pregnancy), shoulders, breast and hips. Also the buttock and thigh areas of the body. That is to say, if you are looking for ways to  minimize your appearance, listen very well. "If you actually want to have some sort of lasting benefit in the look of your stretch marks, you need to develop collagen, according to Dr. Akhavan.
Here is how to remove stretch marks.
     Before I commence, I want you to understand stretch marks.

To understand stretch marks I want you to know that,  the topmost layer of the skin, is called the epidermis while the second layer below  is the dermis, which contains bundles of collagen. Some people have genetically thick skin with a lot of elasticity, while others have less, which makes them more prone to develop stretch marks in some areas of the body.
According to Dr. Arash Akhavan, stretch marks are caused when there is a period of rapid growth in the body system" that suddenly stretches the skin, and in turn, pulls on your collagen bundles in the dermis. During this time, those bundles tear away from each other, and then when the skin returns to its normal state (e.g. it stops growing), “that most superficial layer "the epidermis"can appear wrinkly and stretched because it is not supported by the same collagen structure underneath,” Dr. Arash Akhavan explains.

           Causes Of Stretch Marks

What causes this "rapid grow?
Here I will explain to you what causes this "RAPID GROWTH" that makes stretch marks to occur.
That triggers stretch marks? Dr. Akhavan says that growth spurts from puberty, pregnancy, rapid weight gain, or increased muscle mass from working out can all be the culprit. Any growth that suddenly stretches the skin will stretch your collagen bundles, he says, which then leads to stretch marks if your skin genetically has less elastin.
It is literally impossible to 100 percent get rid of them," Dr. Akhavan notes, but there are things that you can definitely do to improve them, reducing their appearance, which revolves around building collagen.

    Understand How To Minimize Your Appearance

According to Dr. Arash Akhavan, there is no approved prescription creams for stretch marks.However, he suggested using creams that contain retinoids over others at-home topicals. Some (at-home topical creams) can make your skin inflamed" he says, so while you are using the formula your stretch marks will not be as visible, but the cream is not actually changing your skin in any way.

In his experience as a dermatologist, Dr. Akhavan says that retinoids are a go-to ingredient that have shown improvement. I have never seen any other creams marketed toward stretch marks that works, just ones that contain retinoids. He noted
Paula's Choice Resist Retinol Skin Smoothing Body Treatment, as the best cream you can use to minimize stretch marks.

         Understanding More On Retinol 
Dr. Arash Akhavan highly recommends using retinol creams, because they contains vitamin A-derived product commonly prescribed for the treatment of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. The way they work for wrinkles is by building collagen, making collagen bundles thicker and healthier, he says So, using the same retinol creams for stretch marks also leads to some improvement in their appearance. Obviously prescription retinoids are a little stronger than over the counter, so you will see more effect there. 
Note:  You can not use retinol while pregnant, and these creams don't work preventatively [e.g they only work on stretch marks after appying them).
Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Ferulic+ Retinol Anti-Aging Moisturizer.

            The Laser Treatments
There are FDA-cleared devices that actually have good studies that support them,Dr. Akhavan recommends using the ICON 1540 Fractional Laser as it is "the only FDA-cleared laser for the treatment of stretch marks. In studies, patients have shown between a 50 to 75% improvement in the appearance of their stretch marks, he stated.

          How  does fractional laser work?
You are first numbed, and then the laser delivers pulses of energy into your skin  without causing any harm to it. Tricking your cells into thinking they are injured, Dr. Akhavan explains more. This causes your body's natural healing process to kick in, triggering your cells to release all the chemicals they need to create new collagen in that area. This process eventually improves the appearance of your stretch marks. It is the ICON 1540 that actually has the FDA-clearance for treatment of stretch marks mostly, but other lasers that develop collagen would theoretically work as well,  Dr.Akhavan says. For more information about [Fractional laser]  contact your dermatologist.

          The Use Of Micro-Needling 

This is my first choice, and it is the safest option and would be tag as laser treatment for Stretch marks" according to Dr. Arash  Akhavan .This minimally invasive treatment which works on all skin tones because it does not cause hyperpigmentation, is done by a derm or aesthetician to create tiny punctures in the skin using micro-fine needles. [From 0.5 to 2 millimeters in diameter]. This act then triggers the body's wound healing process, similar to how laser works" Stimulating collagen and elastin production.

According to Dr. Arash Akhavan, the only drawbacks both laser treatments and micro-needling require multiple sessions and a lot of patience. It is going to take time to see the results, he says, so from any single micro-needling session or laser treatment, it is going to take about four months to see the collagen generation, Dr. Arash Akhavan  explain. These are all ways to remove stretch marks and treatments that requires doing  them regularly and you have to be patient with the results. And believe me within a space of one month your stretch marks will be removed.