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Friday, September 28, 2018

How to remove dark spots naturally

How To Remove  dark spots Naturally

I want to tutor you on how to remove dark spots naturally without any side effect.

Nobody wants to go around with dark spots all over his or her body, (mostly face) everybody wants to get a flowless skin.
A lot of people are not away that you can use simple home made remedy to get rid dark spots and blamishes.

Today, I will tutor you on how to remove dark spots naturally.I have one such remedy for you,  I'm  going to share with you a wonderful natural ingredients that you can made from your kitchen and you are going to use it for two to three weeks and before you know it you have getting rid of dark spots on your skin.

What Are The Ingredients That Remove Dark Spots Naturally?

I know this must be your question right now.
But before I tell you the ingredients, you must first of all get ( grater, blender, strainer, bowl and bottle).

The ingredients you can use to get rid of dark spots are:

1. Fresh potatoes
2. Fresh onion 
3. Lemon.
With these three ingredients you will definitly get a flowless skin naturally.

     How to make use of the ingredients

First of all bring the potatoes, wash them very well and pill the potatoes.
         Potatoes contains natural bleaching agents that lighten skin when used regularly over time.
After pilling the potatoes, you grate the pilled potatoes

Potatoes contains the nutrient and anti oxidants skin needs to stay firm, smooth and bright. The vitamin C, starch and enzymes in potatoes nurish skin' the vitamin A, in potatoes keeps the body firm.
After grating the potatoes you extract the juice from the potatoes, you do this by straining it. When you are done you keep it.

                Second step

The next step on how to remove dark spots naturally .
Get an onions , pill it, wash and grate it.The easiest way to do this is to keep your eyes away when grating.

The acid in the onion has natural skin lighting properties, which can help fight dark sports.
In addition to this, onion is also rich in nutrients like vitamins A, and minerals that aids in keeping our skin healthy. The water content present in onion keeps our skin hydrated and moisturized.
The  nutrients present in onion provide nourishment to our skin cell.

Still on how to remove dark spots naturally. After grating the onions, you extract the juice by straining. When you are done extracting' you keep it.

                     Third step

At this stage on how to remove dark spots naturally, you get the lemon' wash it. Then zest the lemon and juice it.
       To zest the lemon is very pretty easy, all you have to do is to rub it on the grater. Do not go too deep.

Lemon peel are natural bleaching agent that can lighten dark blotches on the skin and effectively remove them with time. They help in reducing suntans by deflecting harmful UV rays from attacking skin cells.

After zesting  the lemon you keep it, and then extract the juice from the lemon.To extract the juice from the lemon, all you need to do is to cut medium lemon in to two halves. Then squize it and don't forget to toss the seeds, here you get lemon juice.

              Fourth step

The fourth step is the final step on how to remove dark spots naturally . All you need to do is to put them together ( onions juice, potatoes juice, lemon juice and zest lemon )

       How  to put them together

1. One spone  of lemon zest

2. One spone of lemon juice

3. Two spones on onion juice

4. Two spones of potatoes juice.

To achieve your aim here which is how to  remove dark spots naturally, you mix all of them together .
The lemon zest here is actually going to help with fragrance, it also have a lot of benefits that is going to help us remove dark spots.then store in a glass jar or spare bottle.

To use this treatment is pretty easy get a coton pad ,soak in the mixed juice and apply to were ever you are trying to remove dark spots.

NOTE: If you are using on your face, you have to apply it and leave on skin for 30 minutes . And rinse off, rinse with cold water.

Use everyday for best result, continue to use it until your dark spots disappear. Now you need to keep it in your refrigerator and you can keep it for at least 7days ,and make sure you cover it very well.

How to remove dark spots naturally was written by floralove.

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